Anar Kafkas



About Me

I was born in 1994 and am originally from Azerbaijan. My family moved to Turkey in 2002, so I was raised there for the most part of my childhood. I came to the UK in 2013 to attend a foundation course at University College London, focusing on science and engineering. In 2014, I started my undergraduate degree at London School of Economics, and graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Economics.


What I've worked on

I wrote my first scripts in 2013 during a period in which I tried to teach myself C to build iPhone apps. That attempt proved to be futile as I got lost in the low-level bits and pieces of the C language and my subsequent non-CS studies got in the way. But I started again in early 2018, after I graduated and had a clearer idea as to what I wanted to do, which, despite my degree, was to build and help build great technologies. This time I started with JavaScript and React which allowed me to easily build user interfaces and get acquainted with the Web fundamentals.

I’ve been programming full-time since then. I’m proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript and React Native. I've written a good number of algorithms and data structures in Java but haven't yet built any Java applications. Most of my focus has been on mobile but I've written and deployed a decent amount of backend code, primarily with Firebase and Node.js.

I’ve built several apps since I started coding, but Ocustel and Soyer are particularly valuable to me. For more details, check out my résumé.

What I'm working on

I'm particularly interested in sophisticated IOS and macOS apps. I am now learning Swift, which has come to be my favourite language so far and I want to deepen my knowledge of the native platform. Aside from this, I'm experimenting with Keras and TensorFlow. I haven't had a chance to work with production-level AI systems yet, though this is something I'm really looking forward to do.