Anar Kafkas


About Me

Things I've done

I studied Maths and Economics at London School of Economics. I wrote my first scripts in 2013 during a period in which I tried to teach myself C to build iPhone apps. That attempt proved to be futile as I got lost in the low-level bits and pieces of the C language and my subsequent non-CS studies got in the way. But I started again in early 2018, after I graduated and had a clearer idea as to what I wanted to do, which, despite my degree, was to build and help build great technologies. This time I started with JavaScript and React which allowed me to easily build user interfaces and get acquainted with the Web fundamentals.

I’ve been programming full-time ever since. I’m proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript and React Native. I've written a good number of algorithms and data structures in Java which I've also used in a native Android library that I built and bridged to an RN app. For the past year, I've been working with Swift which has come to be my favourite language. I've used Swift and SwiftUI in a few personal projects. Most of my focus has been on mobile but I've written and deployed a decent amount of backend code, primarily with Firebase and Node.js.

I’ve built several apps since I started coding, but Ocustel and Soyer are particularly valuable to me. For more details, check out my résumé.

Things I'm doing now

I am now building Proficient AI, a web app that allows you to use GPT-3 to prepare your job applications. Also, I'm learning C++ in my free time.